We'd like to share a note from one of our customers and her experience working with Kim (pictured above):

"I have been a loyal customer of the Louisville Medicine Center for several years. I have been very satisfied with the prompt service, friendliness and helpfulness of all the personnel. Recently I switched insurance companies, and I found that I needed two refills before my new drug program would begin. I had taken the prescriptions to be filled, thinking I would be covered by the new company. Unfortunately the drug program won't cover me until Sept. 1. Rather than have me pay the entire out of pocket price of nearly $50., Kim, a technician, suggested that I just get 5 days worth of medicine, so I don't go without, and come back and get the rest when my drug coverage begins on Sept.1. I could have kissed her. I am on a fixed income and being close to the end of the month, it was going to be rough to pay the full amount out of pocket. I was so impressed with Kim's thoughtfulness and kindness that I just had to write and let you know!! By the way, the drug coverage suggested that I send away to receive my medications by mail. I told them absolutely not. I was completely satisfied with the Medicine Center, had been a loyal customer for years and had never had a problem, and I didn't trust getting my medicine in the mail!! This was all before I came to pick up my medicine this afternoon. That's another thought. I wouldn't get any friendly service or caring help from a mail delivery!! Thanks for listening!!"

- Martha B.