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Posted by Medicine Center Pharmacy on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lower Cost from Less Advertising

How many commercials do you see every day for typical products like soaps, lotions and medicines? Many large companies spend millions of dollars on advertising; a cost that makes their product more expensive and your expense higher. Instead of paying more for a fancy label and catchy commercials, try a store brand item and save some money. If you are worried that the store brand item may differ from a known brand, simply compare the ingredients list.

Better Selection

If you consider store brand items as you shop, you have a wider selection of items to help you find the right product. Store brand products can offer unique options not available in national brands. If you save money by purchasing a less expensive item, you have more to spend on other items for yourself and your family.

Supports Competition

Competition means more options and competition in the marketplace. If a national brand decides to discontinue one of their products or variants, store brand and less advertised products offer viable alternatives. Smaller brands can also create and sell new or niche products that national brands don't offer.

Whether you are looking to save money or trying to find the right product for your needs, take a look at store brand, generic and less advertised options. We think you will like what you find.