5 Reasons to Switch Pharmacies TODAY

It seems like there is a pharmacy on every corner; either free-standing or inside a grocery store or big box chain. Believe it or not, there are roughly 67,000 pharmacies in the United States.

Pharmacies continue to take a bigger role in healthcare. Overall that is great news for you because the pharmacy isn’t just about filling pill bottles. Pharmacies continue to offer more comprehensive services – everything from making sure that the medicine you take is right for you for preventative care and health monitoring.

These services make it more important than ever to have the right pharmacy and to make a change if you aren’t satisfied with the role your pharmacy is playing in your health care. Here are some of the top 5 reasons to consider switching pharmacies:

  • Limited Prescription Packaging – does your pharmacy only offer traditional bottles? Do you ever forget to take your medication? The Medicine Center Pharmacy offers several choices. Bottles, blister packs or individual packets are offered so you can tell at a glance if a dose has been taken or missed.
  • Waiting for Prescriptions – Keeping customers waiting is actually part of the marketing strategy at some stores! The Medicine Center Pharmacy offers prompt 15 minute prescription processing and voice or text alerts to let you know when your prescription is ready.
  • No Delivery – The Medicine Center Pharmacy offers free prescription delivery within certain geographic limits.
  • Lack of Specialized Dosing or Compounding – The Medicine Center is an accredited compounding pharmacy able to make specialized doses or products.
  • No Preventative Care – The Medicine Center Pharmacy offers immunizations, low cost blood screenings for blood glucose, thyroid, cholesterol and A1C tests on a regular basis.

Switching pharmacies is easy! Let your pharmacist handle the transfers and you’ll be on the road to better health with the convenience of the Medicine Center Pharmacy.

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