If you are looking for ways to cut your medication costs, you aren’t alone! A report from the National Center for Health Statistics shows that millions of adult American’s skip their medication because they can’t afford it.

Not taking medication as prescribed can cause serious problems, leading to unnecessary complications resulting in additional medical care. Whether you have no health insurance to help cover needed prescription medications – or if you have health insurance but your co-pays are prohibitive – there are ways to help!

Medicare Patients

Did you know that most folks save hundreds of dollars per year just by making sure that they are on the Medicare Part D plan that fits their medications properly? Medicine Center Pharmacies can provide you with a free plan comparison that will compare premiums, deductibles, co-pays and even tell you when you are projected to hit the donut hole.

If you are on Medicare you have the opportunity to either continue with your current Medicare Part D plan, or switch to a new plan during Open Enrollment.

Cash and Private Insurance Patients

Pharmacists can assist you in finding ways to save some money. You can ask for:

  • A generic or similar medication
  • Pill splitting works when there is little or no cost difference between low dose and high dose pills. With a low priced pill splitter you may be able to buy the higher dose version and save
  • Manufacturer offered financial assistance (even coupons) for some high priced medications
  • Volume or loyalty discounts for filling multiple prescriptions

Whether you are a Medicare or Cash/Private Insurance patient, there are often a number of strategies to save money. Your pharmacist is often the best resource available to help you save money on your prescription medications.