Diabetes Testing: Make it Budget Friendly

The continual process of managing diabetes can be cumbersome, time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Research and technology has improved the tools to be less invasive and more convenient and has also created less expensive items options. Meters and strips are available from many manufacturers, all using technology that accurately measure your blood sugar. Many people stay with one manufacturer and pay whatever price this company charges for their supplies. Some find less expensive options by talking with their doctor or pharmacist.

It is important to be diligent and consistent in monitoring and treating diabetes. We encourage everyone to ask there pharmacist how they can make it easier for you to continue managing your diabetes by finding more convenient, less expensive or alternative methods to monitor the condition.

At our pharmacies, we offer EasyMax meters and test strips. We have found these to be an excellent value, especially in the long term. Strips are a daily expense that can quickly add up. EasyMax strips cost only 16 cents each, saving you money everytime you choose EasyMax over more expensive compititors.





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