Health Matters: Celiac and Gluten-Free Eating with Registered Dietitians Bobbie Randall and Alyssa Diamint and Catherine Sackett from Four Kids Coffee

Years ago celiac disease was believed to be a very rare occurrence; the statistics indicate 1 in 12,000 people was diagnosed with celiac disease. Fast forward to 2017, and current research reveals that today 1 in 100 people deal with this auto immune disease that is treated without medication or therapy. There is more gluten in the average American diet today than ever before. Bobbie Randall is in the studio with us to talk about why there is an increase in gluten allergies and celiac disease as well as give us some guidance on how to identify foods that cause allergies and replace them with foods that are healthy and tasty. 

Today our guests, Bobbie Randall and Alyssa Diamint, registered dietitians join us from Aultman-Orrville to talk about the history of celiac, the differences between gluten sensitive and gluten intolerant, how we arrived at the dietary health issue today and how we can maintain a healthy diet. 

Making a guest appearance is Catherine Sackett, owner of Four Kids Coffee, with tasty gluten-free treats from her gluten-free bakery.

All of today's guests will join us at the Canton Medicine Center Pharmacy, Tuesday, October 3 for a Gluten-Free Living Health Fair.

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