Free Kids Vitamin Program – Gives Away Bicycle

Medicine Center Pharmacy has a Free Kids Vitamin Program. The program helps fill nutritional gaps and saves local families hundreds of dollars per year. Medicine Center Pharmacy wants to make it a little easier for local children to get the nutrition they need. With their Free Kids Vitamin Program, children under the age of 12 receive a 30 count bottle of multivitamins each month at no cost. Parents and guardians must register their child for the program at Medicine Center Pharmacy, and come back every 30 days to pick up his or her supply of free vitamins.

The Pharmacy attended an event at a local elementary school to talk about the vitamin program. While at the event, kids who signed up could enter a drawing to win a new bicycle. Also, during the last few weeks of June, any child who signed up for the Free Kids Vitamin Program in the Canton Pharmacy were entered into the drawing. One winner was randomly chosen. Heaven was thrilled to be named the winner.

Sometimes children have a poor appetite or erratic eating habits and do not get the adequate amount of many vitamins that they need. Taken on a daily basis, multivitamins can promote stronger immune systems, aid in brain and nervous system development, build healthy bones and muscles, contribute to dental and eye health and provide protection from certain diseases. White says that his pharmacies are passionate about getting quality vitamins in the hands of local parents. 

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