This medicine was compounded specifically for you in a pharmacy to fill the prescription your doctor wrote for you. It was specially made to meet your individual needs. For this reason, no standardized information or literature is available with your prescription. If you have not done so, please discuss this medicine with your doctor to ensure that you understand (1) why you have been prescribed a compounded medicine, (2) how to properly take this medicine, and (3) the interactions, if any, this medicine may have with any other medicines you are taking.

Compounding is a long-standing pharmacy practice that allows doctors to treat their patients’ individual needs without being restricted only to off-the-shelf medicines or devices. This medicine was prepared in a compounding pharmacy to meet the specifications ordered by your doctor.

Call your doctor if:

  • You experience any side effects.
  • You are taking additional medicines that may interact with this compounded medicine.
  • You have allergies or other medical conditions that should be noted.

Call our pharmacists at 330-339-4466 if:

  • Information on the label is not clear to you.
  • You have any concerns regarding precautions, ingredients, or proper storage. 

Our pharmacists will be happy to help with any additional questions or concerns.  If our pharmacists are unable to resolve your concern, the pharmacy manager shall be notified as soon as reasonably possible and an investigation shall be initiated within 72 hours after being made aware of an incident, accident, variance or unusual occurrence and you will be informed of the outcome by telephone or in writing.  If the pharmacy manager is unable to resolve your concern, our accrediting agency ACHC may be contacted at 855-937-2242.  We appreciate your business!      

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